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As a service to its clients Hargrove Timber provides site preparation and planting services. If you are a landowner you will need these type services at some point in time even if it’s small areas, road maintenance, or keeping a small kudzu patch at bay. We deal with professional contractors who apply site preparation spraying and release treatments. These treatments can be done with ground crews, rubber tired machines, or aircraft (helicopters). For larger tracts the aerial method is most efficient. Ground equipment is normally used for smaller tracts.

Hand planting with dibbles is the conventional method of planting. However, we often implore the use of a V-blade crawler in particularly tough conditions. We use 2nd generation genetically improved loblolly pine or containerized longleaf if the site is right. As professionals we are on-site when these activities are taking place to represent the client to insure the process flows seamlessly, handle any unforeseen obstacles, and verify the work.

Site Preparation

After a final harvest the most effective means for site preparation is an aerial application of herbicide in most cases. This temporarily controls the competing vegetation long enough to get the new stand established. These applications can also be done with rubber tired machines and ground crews where applicable.


Stand Establishment

A few years after the final harvest the newly established stand should be free to grow until it reaches the commercial thinning stage at year 15 to 17.


Pine & Hardwoods

As an alternative to the traditional method of planting loblolly pine, mixed stand establishment is becoming a more frequent consideration.