Timber Sales

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The decision to harvest timber is one of the most important land management decisions a landowner will make. How a timber harvest is implemented will have a long tem effect on the value of your property and the production of future income. We value the opportunity to be involved with these decisions and place heavy emphasis on long term plans and relationships.




The Southeast is fortunate to have an abundance of markets that help support land values and provide reasonable returns on land investments. These markets range from consumer paper products and packaging to a wide array of solid wood products. We have the expertise to match your timber product mix to the best markets in the Region.



Timber prices fluctuate on a regular basis. The timing of the harvest is important in order to benefit from these  fluctuations. We are aware of price changes before it becomes public knowledge to most timber owners. The overall lay of the land and access plays a large role in the harvest timing, including the long term management plan within which the timber harvest is being implemented. The goal is to use our close mill relationships and market knowledge, combined with your unique timber characteristics, to arrive at the optimal harvest timing.


Mid-Rotation Thinning

Thinning timber can involve mixed stands, mature bottom-land hardwood or plantation pine among others. We are uniquely qualified to meet the landowner’s needs with the correct thinning method and equipment mix to match the objective of the situation at hand. We can carry out the operation in a manner consistent with the long term goals. We realize the quality of a thinning operation will have a major impact on future growth and income to the landowner and future generations. As a Registered Forester with decades of experience and hundreds of thinning clients we can handle most any thinning prescription.